Sustainable and Ethical Cottagecore Fashion

Whether you want to look like a princess lost in the woods or a mushroom growing on a tree, we have something for you at the cottage.

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Our Mission

We want everyone to unlock their inner Queen without sacrificing the planet or the needs of others.

  • Sustainable

    Our products are safe for the planet, sourced second or made by small creators, so that you can shop guilt free and still wear clothes that you like.

  • Ethical

    Our products are sourced with ethicality in mind. They were made by either individual hand-crafters, or workers paid a living wage.

  • Woman Owned

    Gwenivere's Cottage is run by a woman with a passion for making your cottagecore dreams come true.

  • Authentic

    We're confident that you can find a style that suits you, whether you want to look like a fairy or a frog, here at the cottage.

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